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Happy Hals guarantees a 30 day warranty on all  labor performed on you RV.

Happy Hals hands over all warranty information on parts purchased directly to you the customer.
 It is up to you to Report, Log and Save ALL Parts Warranty Information.

Happy Hals is not responsible for damages to equipment caused by improper use.

Happy Hals will walk you through the use of all new or upgraded equipment installed in your RV. We also offer”free of charge” a telephone walk through of how to use your equipment in the case that you forget.

Happy Hals is a Legitimate Business that serves the Las Vegas NV areas. We are not a charity organization, though we reserve the right to offer discounts at any time.

Happy Hals charges a One Time Service Call Fee. This fee is applied to all service calls made to Happy Hals which require transportation to the service location.

Happy Hals charges by the hour. We log all time on the job including driving time for parts retrieval and other errands directly related to the service call.

Happy Hals does not provide a free estimate service. (RV Technicians from Happy Hals arrive Ready To Work).

Happy Hals does NOT descriminate against any race, religion or sexuality, However, Happy Hals reserves the right to deny services for any reason and without any explanation as to why you have been refused.

Happy Hals is licensed by the state of “Nevada” and the city of “Las Vegas” to perform services for residents and business in the area.

Happy Hals holds a solid reputaton of excellent Workmanship and Good Moral Integrity. Any mistakes made by Happy Hals are held responsible to Happy Hals and are always either fixed or improved at our expense.